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We've updated our Social Media connectivity.  SouthernSound is now fully available on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Most of our news updates will be on Twitter and Facebook.  Our SOCIAL page on website tracks each tweet and Facebook post.

Use the icons on the footer to connect or the following links:
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Southern Sound is 50!

It's the Golden Anniversary of Southern Sound which started in 1974 when Philipshill Hospital agreed to take the service in January of that year.

Its first broadcast was in May 1974 when Steve Jones - the Radio Clyde mid-morning presenter - presented the first hour.

The charity extended to Rutherglen Maternity and Cowglen Hospital and then followed the Spinal Unit to the Southern General Hospital when Philipshill Hospital closed. 

Glasgow City Council recently hosted a Civic Reception to celebrate 50 years of service to the city. Photos on our Facebook Page

On Your TV & Smart Speaker

You can hear Southern Sound on many modern home devices. If you use a Samsung or LG TV - and many other brands - or use media players such as ROKU, Google or Apple TV, you can listen to Southern Sound at home.

Smart speakers such as  Amazon ALEXA, an Apple HOMEPOD or a Google HOME device, can also play Southern Sound by command on your favourite device.

Details are provided on our Speakers & TV Page


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